So what’s new?

Since my last post, I’ve been very busy. I started working full-time at Logic Artists as graphic artists and game designer, and we have been working on our first commercial game for Windows Phone devices. Very briefly, it’s a game about exploration and story, set in 1518 in the New World, around Hispaniola and the Yucatan. It’s reminiscent of old choose-your-own-adventure books, but with a lot more non-linearity. It’s called Conquistador, and you can check it out here:
Since its release, we’ve been working on bringing the game to PC, but you can read about that in much more detail over at Logic Artists’ website.

Dungeon Siege III

I’d been looking for something to fill the void until Diablo III came out, and I played a bit of Torchlight back in the day, but the story didn’t really play as much a part as I’d like. Anyway, Dungeon Siege III is a pretty basic hack and slash, with a pretty cool art direction. I really like the colours and the medieval french/transylvanian vibe they got going.

At first the story didn’t seem that interesting, but once I really got into it, I actually really enjoyed it. The roleplaying elements are pretty shallow, mostly coming down to two/three choices. The cutscenes do a really nice job of explaining what your choices led to though, all throughout the game, so it felt like my decisions mattered.

The atmosphere, once I got to Stonebridge, took on a strong Arcanum-feel for me. Maybe it was when I really started paying attention to the music combined with the steampunk look of the city. It really reminded me of Tarant. With that in mind though, the game got a little better. Actually, now that I think about it, it really was quite a lot like an Arcanum/FFIX mix, which to me is definitely not a bad thing.

Overall, pretty solid game, with decent graphics and a nice pacing. It had some pretty interesting and difficult boss fights, but once you got the pattern down, it got easier. I might play it again with one of the ranged characters (I played it with Lucas, a sword-wielding fighter) and choosing some different outcomes.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

So, I figure I should write a few things about this game, seeing as I’ve played it a lot since its release. Currently I’m on my second play-through, taking a strict non-lethal approach this time around, and I’m absolutely loving it. This game really shines in its level design, almost always offering several solutions, as its predecessor (I’ve only played the first Deus Ex, not the second, invisible war). I find it to be just as great in all the right areas, compared to the first one.

The level design and the hubs are genius and very atmospheric. The soundtrack, although quite different in style, is equally as awesome, if not more so, than the first one.
I’ve seen a lot of critique of some of the interface options, like control indicators and highlights, but it’s great that the devs gave the option to turn these off. I’m playing with them off, this second time around and I’m looking around each room much more carefully, which actually makes me notice a lot more than in the first run!

Story-wise, the game is pretty good, the conspiracy stuff is good and the voice acting is decent to ok. I don’t know how it measures up with regards to the canon of the first (or second) game, but I don’t mind terribly. The facial animations are pretty horrible though, ranging from ugly to smack in the middle of the uncanny valley. I try not to pay attention to them. Adam Jensen’s face is ok though, but that’s because he has those shades on all the time.
In short; Best game I’ve played this year, so far.


Hi, and welcome to my blog. After many headaches, hopefully this thing is working now. All I wanted was to use my own design, but apparently, that is very very difficult :p
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